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Physics 312 Spring 2011

Physics 312--Old notes

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Dan Marlow Instructor
Lyman Page Instructor 217 Jadwin Hall 8-5578
Karen Kelly Manager 208 Jadwin Hall 8-4418  

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Measuring the Planck spectrum (Lab Guide)
Beta Decay and the neutrino mass Lab Guide (Seward's senior thesis| Halliday article| Langer Moffat paper| Beta Spectrum Tables)
Josephson junctions (Lab Guide)
Mossbauer Lab Guide (Goldanskii| Wertheim)
Holography Lab Guide (Gabor lecture (strongly recommended)| Jeong paper| Leith and Upatnieks paper| A paper by Schawlow on masers from the Scientific American collection.)
Muon decay (Lab Guide)
Optical pumping Lab Guide (Dan Walter's JP)
Positron annihilation (Lab Guide)
Spin echo (Lab Guide)


Fourier optics
Counting stats
Signals and filters
Characterizing noise