Princeton University
Physics 210 Spring 2008


First meeting Wednesday Feb 6 from 7:30-10:20 PM in Jadwin 475.

Brought to you by:

Person Role Office Phone Number E-mail
Colin Parker TA B40 Jadwin Hall 8-9517
Lyman Page Instructor 217 Jadwin Hall 8-5578


Week 1

Introduction to electrical circuits
Assignment for weeks 1 and 2 (due Feb 20). Build the thermal control circuit with temperature readout. To check it out, hook it up to an existing LabVIEW program.

Student Projects 2007:

2007    Superfluids by Dan Gadala-Maria and Julia Ling
            Inverted Pendulum by Arthur Ewenczyk, Leon Furchtgott, Will Steinhardt,Philip Stern and Avi Ziskind with video!
            Sonoluminescense by Adam Fox, Jon Fulton, Brendan Lyons, and Dan Moulton
            Balancing Robot by Chris Baldassano, Tiffany Ko, and Joseph Perla
            Dark matter detection by Doug Ellman, Jareth Holt, Ragnhild Lunnan, and Bogdan Stoica

Past Student Projects (with Prof. Romalis):

2006    Microscope interferometery by Emily Kosten and Peter Combs
            Laser Microphone by Seth Blumberg, Joel Thompson and David Zaslavsky
            Magnetic Leviation by Lenny Shulgin, Eric Berglund, and Howard Yu

2005    Balancing a pencil on its tip with feedback by Caleb Howe, Greg Haislip and Lear Janiv
            Wire chamber for muon detection by Martin Niederste-Ostholt, Ariel Kleinerman, Jess Riedel and Corey Ritter
            Magnetic properties of superconductors by Shankar Iyer, Giwan Kim, Yijia Eric Lu and Leizhi Sun
            Properties of superfluid helium by Yu Gan, Godfrey Miller and Carl Boettiger

2004    Electromagnetic Railgun by Denis Erkal, Ma'ayan Bresler, Paul Nelson, and Aaron Wertheimer
            Electron Cyclotron by Austin Akey, Josh Brodie, Lucy Jacobson, and Mike White
            Single Bubble Sonoluminescence by Aaron Kleinman, Aly Spencer, Dan Recht, and Nitesh Paryani
            Properties of Plasma Discharge by Richard Aspinall, Ying Gao, Scott Schiffres, and Teddy Wieser

2003    Laser Optical Tweezers by Adam Hopkins,  James McClave, and  Nhan Tran
            Ultrasound Ranging by Steven Andrews and Blake Robinson
            Temperature of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation by Srivas Prasad
            Superconducting Tunneling Junctions by Ursula Pavlish, Josh Burton, and Cullen Blake